[MUD-Dev] Thoughts on Classless systems

Ryan P. ixiterra at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 25 15:28:55 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

At 01:59 PM 7/23/00 -0400, Travis Casey wrote:
[big snip]
>The Palladium RPGs have an interesting idea -- skills that raise
>stats.  For example, a character can take a "bodybuilding" skill to
>raise his/her strength.

A slightly modified version: What if regular skills (not specific stat-
raisers) raised their primary stats. Perhaps casting lots of wizard
spells would raise a character's intellect, or doing a lot of sword
fighting would raise their strength. However, with this system, a
skill decay would be *required* due to the possibility of super
powerful characters. Has anyone tried something similar to this
before? Perhaps it's too cyclical in that stats make skills more
powerful, and skills raise stats. . . A skill like bodybuilding makes
me think many characters would be determined to raise all of
their stats to the limits without even playing much. (Of course, skill
caps and such could prevent this. . .)


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