[MUD-Dev] Roleplaying in Muds

Solmyr of the Azure Star solmyr at kolumbus.fi
Tue Jul 25 16:40:29 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Erik Jarvi wrote:
> A few years ago, I tried Threshold.  As a newbie there I was completly lost, as
> in geography and how the game worked.  I had a question, that the docs either
> glossed over, weren't clear, or missing.  I asked my question on either the ooc
> or heritage channel, and got my head chewed off.  Restricting communications,
> IMHO, is limiting your game to a niche. (That's not nessariarily a bad thing.)
> I left soon after that.
Well, I never said that RP MUDs should be catering to everyone. In fact,
that is probably not the desired case at all.

> I'm nitpicking a bit, but I was hurt/pissed when that happened. Threshold seemed
> like a neat game.
Since you brought up Threshold, I can say that I am a regular player of
that MUD, and in my experience newbies are usually helped promptly by
pointing them to an appropriate help file, if they ask a question in a
calm, reasoned manner. Only people who ask the same question over and
over because they can't be arsed to read a help document get their
"heads chewed off." :)

> My point is sometimes I don't want to role play. I want to chit-chat about
> something in the real world with other players in the game.
Yes, but why log onto a RP MUD for that? You can chat on a hack n slash
MUD, or even over ICQ. By definition RP MUDs are ones where you don't
suddenly walk into a room and start chatting about last night's game.
Although even then there are usually appropriate OOC channels for that

Aleksei Andrievski
aka Solmyr, Archmage of the Azure Star
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