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Andy andy at mouseclick.demon.co.uk
Tue Jul 25 22:28:45 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

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From: Timothy Dang <tdang at U.Arizona.EDU>
> I don't have any suggestions for how such ownership systems could be
> implemented in a MUD without ruining everyone's fun. I do imagine it's
> possible, but desinging the social structure around such a system would be
> quite a challenge. The obvious approach is to place it in a system with
> player-run justice / politics and inter-player strife. Then the "no
> hunting in the King's woods" rule has to be enforced by players, and other
> people can try to take control of the woods.

Nice Idea I like it.  With that system the players spend more time fighting
among themselves and worrying about other players to make any inroads
into the animal population.  The players may also be encouraged to
"farm" the creatures within that area as game for hunts or for food.
You could also have a general state of an animal that means you dont get
anything of use from it. i.e. its starving to death so has little meat and
skin is poor quality. Or its to young and hence there is very little of it.
Also just teaching players about the "rules" of what to kill and what
not to kill will help if is part of roleplay.  After all the woodsman who
is teaching them how to hunt should have a pretty good idea of the
balance of nature.
If players chose to upset that balance deliberatly other NPCs can give
further warnnings before finally starting a quest for other players to
stop these few rogue players.


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