[MUD-Dev] Thoughts on Classless systems

David Bennett ddt at discworld.atuin.net
Wed Jul 26 11:43:18 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Raph Koster wrote:

> Macroing was eventually alsmot entirely eliminated as factor by using fixed
> random seeds plus the current skill level plus the date on the success
> rolls, making it impossible to succeed at something you had failed at until
> you advanced elsewhere or waited a day.

Heh.  This is almost exactly how we eliminated it too.  Although we
also check the players queue of commands to see if they are
repeating things.

The limited advancement article that I pointed too previously...   Addresses
quite a few of these points to do with the problems of a system with
a too high skill cap, or even no skill cap.


We had significant problems with this and had to drasticly cut back on the
advancement speed of skills, as well as cut a lot of the existing skills on
players.  This was kind of unpopular :)  This problem had been
exacerbated by a couple of problems, one was that wizards could use
a command to always increease one of their skills within a period of time.
Plus we had no macro checking.  This led to people will skills way way
higher than we had ever anticipated when initialy setting things up...

Build high for happiness,

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