[MUD-Dev] Thoughts on Classless systems

Koster Koster
Wed Jul 26 14:59:21 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

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> On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Raph Koster wrote:
> > Macroing was eventually almost entirely eliminated as factor by using
> > random seeds plus the current skill level plus the date on the success
> > rolls, making it impossible to succeed at something you had failed at
> > you advanced elsewhere or waited a day.
> Heh.  This is almost exactly how we eliminated it too. 

It was inspired by a mention of a lockpicking system that used it here on
MUD-Dev, in fact, that I came across while browsing the archives. :) We just
expanded on the notion to make it suit the specifics of the game system.

> Although we
> also check the players queue of commands to see if they are
> repeating things.

We did that too, but it wasn't all that effective. The thing players were
doing was by and large automation of skill tests, and they could automate
sequences, even build semi-random sequences. For a period when it was
illegal to macro, GMs were actually manually stopping by suspected macroers
and asking them questions to see if they responded coherently. A waste of
human resources indeed. :)


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