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Malcolm Valentine spin at fastlink.com.au
Thu Jul 27 18:21:48 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

On Tue, Jul 25, 2000 at 10:17:23AM -0500, Kristen L. Koster wrote:
> LegendMUD also has another type of "quest" flag that is more flexible and
> stores up to 6 variables per flag on the character flagged. These are also
> of the same types (perm, temp, or removed at DTs) but they can also have an
> independent timer of when to "wear off", and can store the array of
> variables (two strings and 4 integers. These new flags are also generated
> dynamically and declared entirely in the script language. Besides turning
> them on and off in script, you can retrieve and modify the variables stored
> with them. These flags currently don't tie into the whois strings Raph
> mentioned so we use a wide mix of both in our areas.

  I'd like to raise a voice for supporting of quests through in-game
methods. Rather then flagging the character, the judicial use of items
can be used to a similar effect with much greater ease of multi-player
action. For example, if I must get the bag of flour to the baker, the
quest flag should just be the bag of flour, and whoever delivers it should
receive the reward.

  Whilst I know this opens the questing system up for abuse, short-cutting
and the use of other characters to gain the required items, with a 
"random" quest creator the first at least is greatly reduced. I feel there
are other gains to be had. It increases the number of ways a quest
may be completed (Let someone else do all the hard work, then sneak in
and take the spoils). It lends extra significance to quest items, which
a character must jealously guard, not so with a flag.

  Given the recent discussion on "multi-player games", it would be very
interesting to hear how the use of flags is carried into player-player
interactions on quests, or are they merely all single-player affairs?

  Malcolm V. - Who has yet to create a dedicated questing system.

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