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Miroslav Silovic silovic at zesoi.fer.hr
Fri Jul 28 04:02:15 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Malcolm Valentine <spin at fastlink.com.au> writes:

> So it is perfectly ok for Boffo the warrior and Jill the thief to
> stand around in the forest exchanging ICQ numbers and email
> addresses...? Even worse, for them to harass other players for their
> details so they can contact them off-site.

Actually, this touches on my own experience with banning OOC
communication in order to enhance RP.

You Can Not Roleplay Without OOC Communication.

Being IC all the time is good for immersive experience, but -that-
isn't roleplaying, that's, well, immersive experience. To turn it into
a roleplaying experience, you need to have a role in a drama (some
also call it a story) - a grander chain of events that your character
is a part of.

The problem with grand chains of events, or 'the pig picture', is that
it needs to be organised. For example:

[public] Boffo: I'm considering doing a wedding. Anybody here playing
   Iron Court servants, could you connect them?
[public] Bubba: Why don't you just contact the Servant Guild leader,
   online, and ask him to send you his guys? He has them on his

Okay, for something more Earth shaking:

[were+] me: We're going to tar and feather a leech, anybody else wants
   in? You hear a howl from the bayou, or get a phone call, just join
   up with us.

Note that in both of these cases, OOC communication is used to
simplify things that would otherwise require a long time just to go
from room to room and talk to people - and do things that are actually

I also contend that RPG and GoP don't mix well, and one of the reasons
for it is that OOC communication either annoys or is abusable by
GoPers (it's a corrolary of RPG being cooperative by definition I

How to eff the ineffable?

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