[MUD-Dev] curses and grief players

Val Trullinger vtrullin at chapman.edu
Fri Jul 28 11:31:37 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

John Buehler wrote:

>   My point is that players shouldn't be left to vote unless their
> opinions have weight.  If I ask your opinion and I don't really care,
> why ask?  I'm lying to you.  When you realize that, you'll be annoyed,
> hurt and less likely to trust me or believe me in the future.

we've got a system of giving the players input into game changes, called the
mortal council. the mortal council has proposed a number of changes we never
would have thought of on our own that are good, and some changes that you just
can't do with LPC, and some changes that we've vetoed outright.

all in all, over the three years we've had the mortal council, it's worked. and
it's built player trust in us and our administration. so much trust, that we've
survived a rather nasty attack from an ex-admin who tried to get the players on
his side. players were defending us -- how rare is that?

so no, i don't believe lying to the players accomplishes *anything*
constructive. i would much rather be seen as a blunt admin who is respected,
than a weaselly admin who is liked.

>   I understand that this is getting rather off-list, but I have a very
> difficult time letting words like these stand without comment - in a list
> where I assume that these words represent the majority of the readership.
> JB, trying very hard not to be the lead 'holier-than-thou' constituent

i don't think it's holier-than-thou; but it does bring up a rift in management


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