[MUD-Dev] curses and grief players

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Fri Jul 28 19:06:17 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

> Greg Miller wrote:
> > Marc Bowden wrote:
> > <scatter at thevortex.com> wrote:
> > > The idea is that players have a command such as 'boot' which can be
> > > used on annoying players. When the first player uses 'boot', the
> > > system begins logging the actions of the targetted player - to
> > > provide supporting evidence of the problem actions. When a certain
> > > proportion of other players online have also used 'boot' on the
> > > player then he is chucked out of the game and his access is suspended
> > > pending admin review of the log.
> > >
> > 
> >   The potential for abuse here is INCREDIBLE. My first thought is some 
> > script kid logging in 30 alternates and becoming his own law. And you 
> > *know* coalitions will form to keep everyone but them off.
> This is at least partially addressed if you use an introduction system. 
> My curse system that started this thread would be subject to this same 
> problem were it applied to a system without introductions.

In ancient Athens there was a custom called 'ostrakizein' whereby once
a year the citizens would meet and cast votes in the form of names 
written on pot shards.  The person receiving the most votes was 
banished from the city.  The word ostracize comes from this.  doh!

A currently running TV series Survivor, Survival, or whatever it's
called holds a similar type vote at the end of each show in order to 
whittle down the contestants, or so I hear.  (I don't watch very much

I believe a similar concept would be useful in Muds to allow the 
playerbase the ability from time to time to ostracise it's most 
annoying player.  It's a 'infinitely corruptible' practice as the
Athenians discovered.  And as such I find it "interesting". ;-)

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