[MUD-Dev] Threading Models and Command Queues

Ben bjchambers at phoenixdsl.com
Sun Jul 30 18:09:28 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

When looking into a new threading model, I feel it is important to
coordinate it with how you will handle commands.  Basically the threads that
I am planning on using would the a player thread and a nature or server
thread.  The player thread simply watches the port for input, and upon
reception parses it, filters it, checks for spamming and stuff like that.
Then it adds it to the system wide command qeue, keeping a pointer to the
item, so that it can modify it at a latter time.  If I then override the
thing, it can either stop an event from happening, or pause it.  If paused
it just doesn't subtract from time.  If stopped it could either delete it
when it went through the qeue, or better yet just wait till it would execute
and then realize not to follow through.

This system models nature (imho) because each person in the world knows what
he or she is doing, and can change this, but ultimately nature decides the
outcome.  It is NOT me who decides the outcome.  The server thread decides
the outcome.

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