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Mordengaard mordengaard at redhotant.com
Mon Jul 31 23:31:12 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

From: Ryan "BC|Uller" Myers <rmyers at inetarena.com>
> Has anyone ever considered the "defaulting" feature of skills in FASA's
> Shadowrun universe?  Although Shadowrun skills are mostly those that
> chances of success on normal actions, the idea could be adapted.
> The general idea is that if you attempt to perform an action which is
> on a specific skill, but don't have it, you can have it default to a
> skill at a penalty instead of rolling with no skill at all.  For example
> and clerical considerations aside), an unarmed cleric could pick up a
> from the ground and attempt to slash an oncoming basilisk.  Mr. Cleric has
> no skill whatsoever in Edged Weapons, but he has considerable training in
> Blunt Weapons.  Thus, when a skill roll is made to see how much damage he
> did, instead of using Edged Weapons it uses Blunt Weapons with a -2
> In SR 3rd Edition, some skills can also default to a character attribute
> a higher penalty.

Ah yes, my all-time favorite RP game has heavily influenced Yhared's
development, often subconciously.  Our linked attribute system is based on
shadowrun's "defaulting", as is (more loosely) our combat system.  The
system is incredibly good when dealing with classless and skill-based
systems, as we are.  We've got simple checks in place that make sure you
don't get penalised for having a high attribute and a low skill - you always
use the best option.

Oddly enough, I've only come across one SR-based mud out there... I
personally think the system could easily be adapted to a mud environment
without too much fiddling.


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