[MUD-Dev] Roleplaying vs Immersion

Miroslav Silovic silovic at zesoi.fer.hr
Tue Aug 1 01:14:58 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Erik Jarvi <ejarvi at megsinet.net> writes:

> Can you elaborate the difference between:

>    - withdraw the information that you can't prove the player could
>    have obtained
> and
>    - withdraw the information that you are absolutely sure player could
>      not have, ask the players to use common sense for all the rest
> I suspect that it has to do the the keyword "prove".

Yes. In the former case, you require the proof that they -could- get
the information before you share it, while in latter, you require the
proof that they -could not- get it before you withdraw it.

The difference can be illistrated in:

> l Bubba
(background: some roll is made)
He is a plain human.


> l Bubba
He is a plain human.
OOC notice: If you have taken the Pills of X and have the power Y,
or have otherwise acquired 'See Golden Glow' ability, or think you
can do it anyway, you detect a golden glow around Bubba.

The advantage of the latter is that if it suits both you and Bubba to
see the golden glow around him, but you don't have the necessary
abilities, but you have Perception 97/100 and have studied Occultism,
and have also spent a long time in the presence of other people with
golden auras... well, you can bend the rules.

> I'd also be curious how to implement/police this without being
> draconian. Can you?

No problem at all. In the example above, if you act as if you can see
the golden glow around Bubba, and can't explain to Bubba why you
should be able to do it, Bubba calls the admins and you can explain
your point to -them-. Peer pressure does wonders, you know. :) (see,
you may sucker Bubba once, but... once you get a bad OOC reputation,
people will repay you in kind).

And disruptive cliques don't work, either. Admins, you see, can
-always- bend the rules. So... cheaters get in trouble -eventually-,
but the trouble is proportional to the time the cheating went

How to eff the ineffable?

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