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--On Monday, July 31, 2000 10:19 PM -0700 J C Lawrence 
<claw at kanga.nu> wrote (quoting someone else's long whining rant):

> This missive was written in 1997. It was tuned very slightly in
> 1999. The message and thesis remain the same as do the main
> supporting points.
> Tenarius mudded for many years and moved up through the highest
> ranks on a couple of muds. The two muds that he most often played
> were The Realms Of Despair Mud and The Dragon Swords Mud.  Tenarius
> spent a long time as a well loved and respected Immortal on Dragon
> Swords Mud where he most enjoyed his player interaction where his
> style put people first. He made a conscious effort of never
> forgetting from where he started but was tenacious about
> administering things by the book. Tenarius also ran a website
> comprised of many hundreds of pages for The Dragon Swords Mud at a
> time when the world wide web was first starting to become widely
> known - having taught himself html in part to accomplish that
> supportive task. Because of wimping and what he saw as player abuse
> and refusal to allow free expression on the mud Tenarius resigned
> from Dragon Swords in protest and removed the Dragon Swords Mud
> website from his server. Tenarius remains very active in the gaming
> community and is now the Director of Operations of The Maximum
> Gaming Network, a network devoted solely to computer and online
> games. The Maximum Gaming Network is owned by another X-Player of
> The Dragon Swords Mud who had bailed on it for reasons having to do
> with the admin of DS a few months before Tenarius saw that there was
> nothing left for him. Tenarius no longer plays muds and has thus far
> avoided other online RPGs.

  "Bob" from CBS's "Becker". I'm sorry. I read it through three times 
and except for mild nausea, that's all I extracted from it.

  Bob got his favorite toys taken away. Bob was told "no." Bob isn't 
happy. Bob has a copy of Microsoft FrontPage 2.0. Bob will show them 
who's boss.

  Bob is the NRA.

  For a real hoot, read these two web pages, one right after the 


  *sigh* If I had a nickel...

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