[MUD-Dev] Getting info from NPCs

Warren Powell warren.powell at team.xtra.co.nz
Tue Aug 1 09:35:45 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

> Dmitri Zagidulin said:
> > NPCs are a time-honored source of information,
> > rumours, quest info, tips, etc, in any and all RPGs.
> > How do we get that information to the players?
> --snip section on various methods--

The system that I use is a variation on a method used in Ultima 6. The PCs
can use a "Newbie Hint" mode by typing "hints on" that is available until
level 10 where key words in an NPCs speech is highlighted in a specific

E.g. (substitue <> for colour
Bobo: say hello
Baker: Greetings Bobo. Would you like to buy some <bread> or <flour>?
Bobo: buy roll
Baker: I'm sorry Bobo, but I only sell <bread> and <flour>
Bobo: Buy bread
Baker: Thanks Bobo, anything else?

At present, these are written into the mob triggers but I am working on a
system to automatically scan room descriptions for occurences of object or
extra keywords that are present in the room so that they can get hints based
on room descs.


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