[MUD-Dev] curses and grief players

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Tue Aug 1 19:21:40 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

John Buehler wrote:
>   My basic point about calling it quits with a player interaction is
> that something is lost when that interaction fails.  I'm not talking
> about a lost customer here.  I'm talking about ill will on the part
> of the player base.  Each time a player is put off, there is the
> potential for backlash.  To have admins declare that they manipulate
> their player base means that the players know this.  So when players
> talk to you, they don't know if you're being truthful with them or if
> you're manipulating them.  Hardly a scenario inspiring trust and
> respect.

The key is to never "declare" it.  And yes, you could call it 
Machiavellian.  However, NO human being declares their intentions or 
motivations ALL the time and whether they are even consciously aware 
of them is debateable.  Even so, it is rather "inhuman" and contrary 
to human nature to be an "open book".  

Honesty, respect and trustworthiness have little or nothing to do 
with an open declaration of one's intentions.  Respect, honesty and
trustworthiness are created out of action and not of thoughts.

>   Why?  Aren't you a human being?  Isn't a player a human being?  There
> was a point of contention between two people and it was worked out by
> enabling the unhappy party to understand what happened.
>   If you think of your players as an alternate type of being and not
> a peer, then you're doing exactly what I think you're doing: they are
> a resource to be managed, not people to be supported.

No, understandings aren't negotiated like that at all.  Revealing all 
of one's motivations and reasons for an action is horrible policy and
starting ground for any sort of negotiation between equals.  

And furthermore this is an absolutely insane way of dealing with problems.
As a player I would have been far more annoyed by someone repeatedly 
apologizing for 20 minutes and trying to MAKE me understand why they 
did something.  I'd call it harassment.  

No, not all problems cannot be solved.  And most problems aren't even 
worthwhile or compelling for either party to address.  Wise persons 
accept disagreement (or dislike) and move on.  There are some things 
that are not open to consensus, and many more where even a simple 
understanding cannot be achieved.  

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