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> Oddly enough, I've only come across one SR-based mud out there... I
> personally think the system could easily be adapted to a mud environment
> without too much fiddling.
> Mordengaard

    Around 1992 there used to be a mud that was a mixture of Shadowrun &
Torg, called Cyberworld. It's what dragged me into mudding in the first
place :)  I remember it had a skill based system, where you could train
anything but costs went up as you trained overall. Plus, you had to get
access to the training, by joining political units, like guilds or
corporations [or journalist, etc]. But it was interesting that training for
any skill had a modifier for the total amount of experience spent training.
    Though it went down soon after I found it, it seemed to have a good
system for politics with interguild & intercorporation rivalries. I'm not
sure how much of htat was actually fleshed out and working, but I remained a
hanger on for possibly coding/testing as they were going to come up
elsewhere. of course, it bit the dust in the end.

    Just a bit of remembrance :)

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