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On Sat, 29 Jul 2000 11:13:43 +1200 
Nicholas Daley <ntd1 at cs.waikato.ac.nz> wrote:

> J C Lawrence wrote:

>> You get the ear of the king, not his complicity.

> In which case wouldn't it be better to call it an opinion poll
> rather than a vote, then you get their ideas without misleading
> them. 

Curiously enough in applying the practice I've yet to be accused of
misleading.  (Careful readers will notice that the discussed method
is what I apply to MUD-Dev).  

Further, given (and I realise this may be a view unique to me, but I
try and phrase the questions for them to support this distinction)
that a vote is a statement of support for a listed item, and a poll
answer is a statement of preference for a listed item, I consider
the difference significant: one asks what you are willing to get
behind and involve yourself with; the other asks what some whimsy
elects.  I don't really have much interest in the latter for the
sorts of troubling questions I invoke these tools for.  Polls are
broad demographic cencus takers -- which have a different use and
application.  For these sorts of things I want elective opinions
from invested individuals.


  I generally don't care what Bubba thinks is "l33t" unless its

  I generally do care what Boffo thinks will improve the game as
  versus himself, especially if there are measured gains and losses
  on different fronts..

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