[MUD-Dev] MUD Wimping

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Thu Aug 3 02:54:51 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

>From my own (rather ancient) playing experiences:

I was willing to play through a wimping that resulted in all monsters being
worth 20% or so of their previous experience values.  I was just a beginning
character, but I don't remember there being too much of a ruckus about it.
The mud survived.

I wasn't willing to play through monsters being given six times as many hit
points.  "Damn, I already spent 45 minutes killing one thing for not too
much, now you want me to spend *three hours* on it!?"  The mud survived.

I was sortof willing to play through being wiped, but it really raised my
antagonism level towards the mud.  If I was having doubts about the mud then
being wiped would make the decision not to come back for me.  Frankly I
think this killed a couple of LP muds that I was involved with.

Players getting special treatment from Admins (free levels etc.) would
absolutely kill my interest in a mud, although I minded this a lot more when
the players involved were active rivals of mine - eg actively trying to kill
me.  It still amazes me how popular some muds are where this sort of thing
is rampant.


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