[MUD-Dev] The Player Wimping Guidebook

Koster Koster
Thu Aug 3 08:24:04 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

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> Why does it have to be that a MUD is "evolving"?  I'll agree 
> that minor
> tweaks are warrented, probably even required to maintain a 
> playable game. 
> But do we have to have games that change on such a large 
> scale as to be
> called "Evolving"?
> [snip] IMHO, most MUDs suffer from the philosophy of "constant
> evolution is a good thing."

Yep. It's an admin-centric view. Just like "it's mymud, not the players'."

One of the great assumed orthodoxies of the list is that it's pretty much
all admins. There's therefore a marked tendency to regard muds as the
admins' private playground, a certain level of arrogance regarding "I don't
care what the players think." If we were honest with ourselves we'd know
that it's never that clearcut even in muds which *are* someone's private


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