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Well, let's be honest here Raph, you CAN get away with nerfing spell X in
UO. You could _not_ get away with doing a player wipe.

Under different conditions they could, and did.  The best example in UO
would be the opening of Seige Perilous.  In its earliest days it was called
SP Test.  Folks got on, many were banned for macroing, bugs in gaining
certain skills (and stats, I think) quickly with no cost were quashed, and
the only in-game poll I've ever seen in my time since '97 asked whether or
not a wipe was wished.  I cannot recall which side won, but it was very
close.  And SP Test was wiped when it became Seige Perilous.  Many did quit,
or left after witnessing the next skill-gain system, but a strong community
remained in Seige Perilous, and for the most part exists even today.

On the other hand, if they nuked a production shard tomorrow that's been
around for years that's a different story.  Half the folks would leave
because all they worked for would be for naught, and the other half of folks
would leave because they knew if there was one wipe, there could be another.

While my history of development is sorely limited to posting on development
boards, my humble opinion would say the feasibility of pressing the big red
button depends on how far along the world is left, and how difficult it
would be for the players to recover the ground they lost-most importantly,
if they would feel it is worth the effort.

When the horses have left the barn, usually it is a timewarp that lets you
go back and close the door before the horses make their escape.

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