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> There are a number of ways to handle it. LambdaMOO has a system whereby a
> person who hasn't connected in 4 months, plus 1 month for each year
> seniority there gets removed. You can even will your objects to someone
> else.
> AmberMUSH has a system where people idle for 3 months get destructed. The
> policy isn't nearly as formal, and there's no way to will objects.
> Furthermore, even builders of commonly used landscape have to not go idle.
> This is extremely irritating.
> Jon

    There is a difference between these sort of purges, and player wipes.
Just to free up namespace, you need to run purges on old/unused/low level
characters. That's a different level than clearing the entire player base.

    What we do is every 3-6 months or so, we purge any character not on in 6
months, who also: is worth less than X exp [where that means newbie], has
less than X gold, and does not own a castle. This often clears around 3-6k
names/playerfiles. But the conditions ensure that any player who has
invested time into the game won't be purged.

    If a player does need to be away longer and is at newbie status, they
can inform the admin, and they'll be exempted.

    I'm assuming that many muds also need to run these sort of name purges
on a semi-regular basis just to have names available for new characters.....


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