[MUD-Dev] The Player Wimping Guidebook

Warren Powell warren.powell at team.xtra.co.nz
Fri Aug 4 09:13:05 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

> Matthew Mihaly wrote...

> People actually DO this?? I always thought player wipes were just a joke
> threat, like the boogie man is to children. My lord, I have an extremely
> different sense of "responsibility" than most of you, but for crying out
> loud, wiping out your players has got to be the lamest, most asinine
> solution to a problem I've ever heard of. If you have to wipe
> your player base out to correct a problem in your design, you suck.

We did a major update on our code base about 5 months back and did a pwipe
of any chars not played in the last month(except for the imms) because the
pfile had changed so much. We had our first hero (level 100) in less than a
week and 3 more the next week and these guys never played their old chars
again. In fact they deleted them after the update. The main thing that this
taught us was that players will remain loyal to the community rather than
winge about a pwipe if the mud is fun.


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