[MUD-Dev] Re: Pfile Wiping, etc.

Christoph Seifert seifert at ILP.Physik.Uni-Essen.DE
Fri Aug 4 11:20:06 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

I don't think that wiping inactive players is meant by Tenarius' text.
AFAIK it is standard in Circle type muds to have a maintenance code (at
the Realm of Magic has), which wipes inactive players according to
level, thus
freeing the harddisk space of lot of level 1 characters, which never
really began
to play.
I agree to other posts here, that there is no need for a complete
playerfile wipe
for just technical reason like enhancing data.

The Realm of Magic never had any player file wipe since I started there
five years
ago. In this time the mud changed computer which included converting
binary files
(Endian type problem) and change to a total ASCII save system for
players and
homes - which is so flexible, that data can be added with backward
i.e. in the case of adding some player file data and the need to return
to an old
version due to having a massive crash bug, characters will reload safely
with the
new data in the old version.


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