[MUD-Dev] Responses to the Mudwimping article

Greg Underwood gunderwood at donet.com
Fri Aug 4 13:56:35 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Dmitri Zagidulin writes:


> Same thing goes for player file resets.
> If you need one - have an in-game reason for it!
> The players might even love it!
> If you anticipate the need for pfile wipes,
> create a cosmology to account for it. 
> Final battles, apocalypses followed by a cleansing
> and renewing - it's not unheard of in world 
> cosmologies and religions. A ravaging disease, or 
> a conquering extraplanar army - whatever it is,
> it sounds better than "Uh.. we messed up. Everyone
> resets tomorrow".

Heh... that reminds me of something we did on EoD once.  Pwipe was
imminent, and we decided to just have a free-for all, chaos-night it was
called I believe (pretty sure we lifted the term/idea from another Mud). 
IIRC, we took down all the PK restrictions (in town, etc), and tweaked it
around so PK became less damaging to the killed.  I think we had the killer
get a token for each kill.  I'm pretty sure we had some award for most
tokens at pwipe.

Some players just stayed away, but as I recall, most people had a blast.

It wasn't exactly an in-game reason, but making it more than just "as of
00:00 april 4, all players are deleted," made it more interesting for the


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