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> rayzam writes:
> >
> >     Why I change skills, by an Administrator.
> >
> >     It seems reasonable to think that modifying shove wouldn't be
> > 'mudwimping', except that what may happen is that it is changed to use
> > new code, without knowing how to tweak it into balance. And then it's
> > tweaked later, and that causes a cry of 'mudwimping!' or 'blunting!'
> Aye, but your argument ignores the key to Tenarius' argument.  It's not
> what
> you consider wimping, it's what the players do.

    Actually, the point shouldn't be what players consider wimping, but what
really is wimping. As many have pointed out, some players will always
dislike any change. So just because some or the loudest players consider
something wimping, that doesn't make it so.

    As for the key to Tenarius' argument, as I was trying to point out in my
previous post, really isn't about fairness. It sounds like its about
fairness, 'I've had this for so long, you shouldn't be able to change it on
me'. It's a great rallying cry. But you will never hear a cry: 'why are you
making my spells do more damage/cost less?' 'why are you changing it so I
get more attacks/round?' etc.  Tenarius' central argument is: make me better
or don't mess with me. It's like the stock market, you want the values to
always go up, or at least not go down. Over the long term the values get
real high, and in some specific cases, overinflated. At that point, the
market shifts to correct itself.  That's another way of looking at a mud...


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