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Justin Rogers justin at mlstoday.com
Sun Aug 6 01:19:33 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

>     Very true. Other things worth tracking: race usage, guild memberships,
> both overall, and averages by time of day, cash and experience given by
> area, skill & spell usages separately by players and monsters, etc. We
> track the amount of damage done by each damage type [i.e. physical, magic,
> fire, cold, psionic, sonic, holy, unholy, acid, etc].
>     Track everything you can, it will pay off in the end. That's how
> advances, and that's what a mud is in a sense, a new world. Even as a
> member, there are many things to discover about it, in some ways more than
> as a player. These metrics are the pulse of the mud. So far, the only
> we've ever tracked that has turned out to be worthless to track was
> identd's, as most systems didn't use them in the first place..

More a question than anything.  One guy in this thread mentioned taking a
to implement functions for player statistics.  And it seems like most people
hand coding statistics into their muds.  However, putting this stuff out to
log files
which can be parsed later or shot into a database where queries can be run
much more fruitful.  You could also make usage statistics available to
players at that
point so they know when they are more likely to find more players of their
race, clan, etc...  online.

So the question.  Do you hardcode or come up with more flexible statistics

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