[MUD-Dev] MUD Wimping

KevinL darius at bofh.net.au
Sun Aug 6 11:02:00 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

lazarus at ourplace.org wrote:
> 1. Remove the overpowered item from the mud.
> 2. wimp the overpowered item.  This might be a one time wimp or a gradual
> wimp.
> 3. grandfather the overpowered item.
> 4. Redefine your limits to allow the item, then go and edit all remaining
> equipment on the mud to match new guidelines.  This also entails either
> editing all the mobs to be appropriately stronger automatically boosting all
> mobs on the mud by an appropriate factor.
> 5. Redefine your limits to allow the item, let builders make even better
> equipment at higher levels.

I've always been a big fan of bounty hunters.  My first decent sized project 
with NPC's was building a bounty hunter, that we'd unleash on people who were 
prooving to be a nuisance (or sometimes just unleash for the hell of it) - 
yes, it was a very small ill-run mud.  However...  Some of the most 
interesting times I saw were when the bounty hunter was out, and people were 
chatting across the mud "he's over here!"  "which way's he heading" "north, 
and he just asked where to find blah" "oh SH*T!" (that last from blah, usually 

Anyway, that's kind of an aside.  I think JCL has previously mentioned this as 
a concept, I know it's a direction I'm taking - stop and think about your 
world for a sec.  There's a guy, wandering around with a sword of omnipotence. 
 Surely there'd be one or two decent-sized bad guys in your mud.  Surely, 
they'd be wanting to expand their weaponry...

I reckon anyone who gets impressive weaponry would almost certainly have to 
fight to hold onto that weaponry.  If you realise a particular item is way 
overpowered, have your NPC's take a liking to that weapon too...  That way it 
becomes more of an epic struggle to maintain the sword - anyone who does so 
would be judged highly by the players, most likely.

Probably only fits if this sort of thing is going on around the players 
anyway.  Which reminds me, how many muds have NPC's that loot player corpses?  
Any opinion on that?

Oh, my SO has just also mentioned, as an option, quests that will use up the 
items - example:  Gobbo spots the sword, gobbo shaman decides that that 
particular sword is necessary to complete the spell to return their area to 
full fertility, any player that can provide the sword will complete the 
quest...  The sword, of course, is destroyed.  That's an option not all 
players will take up, but if you're on a pkill mud, or if your quests are 
valuable enough, it might work also.


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