[MUD-Dev] Player-admins, was wimping/wiping and the big blind

Hess Hess
Wed Aug 9 14:30:38 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Matt Chatterley wrote:
> As a side point, has anyone here played Majesty? 
> What do we think of it? :)

Majesty was brought home about two months ago by my brother
in law.  The initial surprise for me was that unlike 90% of the games
that get purchased for he and I, my wife and his girlfriend didn't
just look over our shoulder once and wander away.  They actually
watched us playing for about an hour one night, and hijacked the
install disk to their respective machines the next day.  I'm not sure
what about the game play, concept or user interface caused the
relatively large appeal, but Sims has been the only other game this
year that either of the ladies got passionate about.  I wonder if its
less of a gender bias and more of a Creator player archetype draw.

To answer your original question, I'm not sure I would agree that
Majesty, even when played in cooperative multiplayer mode,
contained much in the way of MUD-like interaction.  It was very
hard in most games to do anything signifigant to support the other
players.  Maps of the area could not be shared to allow for 
explorer/killer tactics.  The chat interface was a frustration to the two
players in the house who don't type 65+ words a minute, especially
when the game speed got turned up past a certain point.

In short, Majesty was MUCH fun, but it felt a great deal more like a
computer assisted boardgame rather than a cooperative, competitive,
or social environment.  Would these terms agree with your definition
of 'MUD-like'?

Ian Hess

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