[MUD-Dev] Majesty (was: Player-admins, was wimping/wiping and the big blind)

Chris Jacobson fear at technologist.com
Wed Aug 9 15:12:58 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

On 8/9/00 2:30 PM, Hess, Ian W (Ian) (ihess at lucent.com) stated:

>Majesty was brought home about two months ago by my brother
>in law.  The initial surprise for me was that unlike 90% of the games
>that get purchased for he and I, my wife and his girlfriend didn't
>just look over our shoulder once and wander away.  They actually
>watched us playing for about an hour one night, and hijacked the
>install disk to their respective machines the next day.  I'm not sure
>what about the game play, concept or user interface caused the
>relatively large appeal, but Sims has been the only other game this
>year that either of the ladies got passionate about.  I wonder if its
>less of a gender bias and more of a Creator player archetype draw.

The company I work for was demoing several of our products at MacWorld 
New York, at the United Developers booth (the publishing company that 
will be publishing the products we demoed).  The CyberLore folks were at 
the same booth demoing the Mac version of Majesty (they will publish it 
through that publisher as well).  Lots of kids saw the game and loved it, 
including, and this surprised me - younger girls as well.  There was a 12 
year old girl (estimate on age) who sat and played the game for about an 
hour!  Even adults of all ages and genders seemed to take an interest in 
the game.

For one, I think the fact that the player can focus on the game and not 
micromanaging, is something that attracts interest.  I actually enjoyed 
the game as well, because of the fact that I didn't have to micromanage 
(which is a turn off with games like MAster of Orion 2, one of my 
favorites, but a real drainer when your empire gets big).

- Chris Jacobson

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