[MUD-Dev] Re: Re: World Event Model [Josh Rollyson]

Ben bjchambers at phoenixdsl.com
Wed Aug 9 23:12:47 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Josh Rollyson <dinodrac at summit.magenet.com> wrote:
> > Josh:
> > ...
> > How are players fleeing, and the autoflee given to linkdead players
> > and does the flee command override pending combat activities?
> > Also does your system dump spammed commands out of the event system?
> > And can players do things like "keep trying to kick" ?
> >
> The players are fleeing instantly (or not), using the (CircleMud?) flee
> command  - this is due to the fact that the Event system was introduced
> very late and there was no need yet to make it an event or all commands
> even just for the sake of it.
> Autoflee is still vanishing in the void. I can try to describe how I
> would make flee an event:
> The flee event would have the flags movement, locked and mind. This
> would forbid movements like kick or dance, because you are trying to run
> away and you would not be able to do stuff which requires thought (mind)
> like solving an equation, because you are in panic. The problem would
> be,
> that the flee command is not having any effect, if you are in the middle
> of kicking your opponent (movement-locked).
> Now dumping spammed commands is "easy" in the system RoM uses - if you
> issue flee twice, the second flee will remove the first one (same event
> name).
> Commands which are overriden are removed as well, so there is no problem
> with spamming the queue yet.
> Players can't do something like "keep trying to kick" yet - this would
> require some extra coding. I don't see the necessecity for the special
> case of keep trying to kick, but it could be coded like this:
> Generate a special event, which executes a command string say every
> combat round - this way keep kicking could lead to creation of an event
> which executes the kick command every combat round until the combat is
> over. Keep here would be a command which parses the argument and
> translates stuff like kicking to the kick command.

An alternative to executing the command over and over would be to
have a flag system, such as 0 to 3.  0 is say pause, the command
qeue can pause it, 1 is execute, 2 is re-execute, 3 is re-execute if it
In this way, the player could keep trying to kick until he was successful...
all a value of 3 or 2 would do is to re-add the command, in this way
any command could be easily flagged as re-occuring.  Hence, all you would
is an 'attempt' command, which would just do it once, otherwise you try
successful or something along these lines...

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