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[Timothy Dang <tdang at U.Arizona.EDU>:]

> Just working my way through a pile of neglected Wall Street Journals, and
> I found two articles about Harry Potter and computer games. July 31st
> there was an article about several web-based RPGs based on the books. It
> was neat to see that those games profiled in the article were all created
> and run by folks under 16 years old.
> www.expage.com/myhprpg
> www.expage.com/wizardrealm
> www.geocities.com/hogwarts3000
> There was another article today that Electronic Arts has acquired the
> rights to create games based on at least the first 4 books, including
> online games.
> So it does look like a popular universe for MUDs.

The Lego Company is also coming out with a line of sets based on the
upcoming first movie.

I think Ms. Rowling is doing rather well at this point!

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