[MUD-Dev] Child animations in MUDs (UO)

Brett bmansf20 at scu.edu.au
Sun Aug 13 13:26:21 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Recently I have been pushing to have various child animations re-instated
into UO(private shards), specifically for myself and others to use them as
another 'race' (ie dwarfs), I don't know why Origin removed them in the
first place but I assume because of PK'ing.

>From reading this list over the last year or so, the abuse of everything
and anything that admins do is just about certain, thus I am wondering if
this idea to re-instate the child animations is actually a good idea...

So really my question is: Should I attempt to replace the animations
knowing that they were removed for good(?) reason? Or is it up the shard
admins to decide if they want this on their own shards?

Also: Am I always going to be partially responsibe if this goes badly (eg:
PK'ing child shard) (I think yes).

I think it is very similar to the argument that TV violence is bad etc... 

(AFAIK it would be amazingly simple to return the child animations to UO,
as Origin did not overwrite the animations, just blanked them out)

er, also this is concerning non-Origin shards, using various UO-emulator
shard software, so as to the legality of the whole thing, well it's
probably bad :(

Well I just hope this is on topic...

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