[MUD-Dev] Law of Resource Congestion

Dan Merillat harik at chaos.ao.net
Wed Aug 16 02:27:38 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Josh Rollyson writes:

> From what I've seen it makes already hard to get items even more difficult
> to obtain, because you may have to kill a mob 10,50,100, or even 1000 times
> before it loads the item you want (and you may not know that that mob even
> loads a particular item)
> Of course this has obvoious drawbacks: the frustration involved in trying to
> pop rare items, but it seems like a fair compromise.

I seem to recall a MUD that does this.  Oh yes, Evercamp.   People
waiting their chance to harvest something much lower then their level.

Nobody's going take on a challange without a chance of a reward, so they
just buy the items from higher players and sell to lower.  You end up
with your highest level players farming the most valuable mobs.

I know, I've still got macros from muds I play to run the important points,
peek and backstab.

I don't know what the best solution is.  I'm leaning towards everything being
"common", in having a chance to load, and a good variety of truly unique items.

Trophy items, that you only get to keep as long as you're <requirement> are a
good technique.  Yes, they're powerful, but only one person can have them.
Also, they don't fall out of circulation if someone quits playing.

For common items, item randomization and damage helps a lot.  Minor (or major)
changes to an item properties, adding insignias or other markings, gems,
enchantments, curses, all these things are nice.

As an aside, players don't mind losing items if they can be gotten again.
free-loot is a good thing to keep people from spending too much time getting
JUST the perfect set of equipment.


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