[MUD-Dev] Law of Resource Congestion

Nathan F. Yospe yospe at kanga.nu
Thu Aug 17 02:24:35 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Matthew Mihaly <the_logos at achaea.com> said:

> On Thu, 10 Aug 2000, Nathan F. Yospe wrote:
> <snip snip snip>
> > I think he wants to create unique looking items.  I don't find that all
> > that reasonable, however.  Most swords look alike.

> Most swords may look alike (well, most foils look similar, most
> broadswords look similar, etc) but that's not really relevant to this
> discussion, I think. If the players want unique-looking items, then it is
> entirely reasonable that every player have unique looking items (I don't
> actually give all players unique-looking items, as uniqueness has value,
> and thus we charge for unique descriptions, but you see my point I'm
> sure.)

And adding some unique wire or gemwork to the hilt (quite doable) would do
the job, for those who actually had the money to invest with someone who
had the skill.  Mind you, the more unique, the harder to obtain... artistans
do have the use of a partial form of the builder engine, but it takes skill
to use.

> I don't really ever give any credit to any design argument whose basis is
> "Well, it's this way in reality." Fun, not simulation.

I don't really give any credit to the argument "The players want it", 
myself.  Simulation *is* fun for some.  Especially those who like to 
play games with others... like setting traps or shooting through walls 
where they think the guy is standing.  Do the players want it?  Well, 
I know of one set who do.  If, and this is very iffy, if a Monty haul 
player ends up sticking around for enough time to start demanding 
custom items, he can deal with the guy who makes and sells them.

> > That's something I never bothered with.  Let the players themselves learn
> > archaeology and history; I'll merely support preservation of state, to an
> > explicably reasonable degree.  That famous sword would probably not be as
> > recognizable after lava and rust had deformed it...
> But again, so what if lava and rust would mess it up in reality? Muds are
> not reality. (Granted, I realize that you, Nathan, try to simulate
> reality, but I must respectfully question whether a mud that attempts to
> simulate reality as strictly as you seem to want to will ever get any
> significant playerbase.)

I doubt you're right.  So long as Vernor Vinge, Jerry Pournelle, David 
Drake, and other such writers have a following, my type of mud does too.

Besides, have you seen the anticipation around Halo?  I rest my case.
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