[MUD-Dev] Getting info from NPCs

Paul Schwanz - Enterprise Services Paul.Schwanz at east.sun.com
Thu Aug 17 14:53:34 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

>Dmitri Zagidulin said:
>> NPCs are a time-honored source of information,
>> rumours, quest info, tips, etc, in any and all RPGs.
>> How do we get that information to the players?
>--snip section on various methods--

Josh Anderson responded:
>I've been fiddling with option number three, the AI.  I've taken some ELIZA
>style code that was ported to Circle and have been slowly trying to twist it
>to my own devious ends.  I've created a 'talk' command that you can use to
>start a conversation with any appropriately flagged (one that would be
>considered sentient) mob, and they then respond to what you say, triggered
>on predetermined words and groups of words.

I'm wondering whether you've considered recording in some way what is
being communicated *to* the mob.  I think that this could be a good
method for expanding your trigger word database.  For instance, if a
particular mob gets questioned a lot about a certain topic (i.e. "How
did you recieve the scar on your cheek?") then perhaps you could 
expand that mob's responses with an answer that triggers on "scar" and


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