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Tue Aug 22 09:44:07 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

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> I've always thought that a simple alignment/title system that is not
> constant would do the trick. Start off as slightly good since everyone
> is 'born innocent'. If they do something bad then their alignment gets
> smashed and it will be hard for them to regain the trust of 
> the community.
> Even though its easy to be Evil it is still difficult to gain a Good
> status. Increasingly difficult as the status grows.

Actually, this was the case in that first notoriety system that UO had. It
was very easy to slip down to dread lord--just a couple of say, kills of
"blue" people (folks of positive karma) would do it. The problem was that
people who were *truly* good often needed to get rid of people who were
nominally good but in fact harassers or cheaters or whatever. So the
vigilantes tended to have the bad reps, and the nominal good guys tended to
be the bad apples.


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