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> On Wed, 23 Aug 2000, msew wrote:
> > if i want to become EVVEEEIIILLLLL one needs to spend years
> and years of
> > doing massively evil things to become a respected figure in the evil
> > community. Just the same as the "good" person has to do.
> No you don't. To become a _respected_ figure you might, but to become
> evil, you don't. If I went out and raped a bunch of 8 year olds right now
> and then gave myself up to the police saying, 'I don't regret a minute of
> it.' I bet by the time people had read about it in tomorrow morning's
> paper I'd be considered evil.
> The thing is, evil and good are not two sides in a football match. Good
> people do not have to like and respect each other, and neither do evil
> people. Stalin and Hitler were contemporaries who most on this list
> probably consider evil, but they certainly did not get along.

Actually, Matt, you'd be punished, but most people would consider you an
aberration. "We was such a nice boy." "He just flipped out one day. Totally
weird."  "This kind of behavior is pretty abnormal, especially with no
history."  "From his profile, it looks like he did it to act out, to get
attention." (read: he's just misunderstood)

I agree with the previous post. In order to get qualified as
EEEVVVVEEEEIILLLL you need to put in a lot more time.

Case in point: were the Columbine kids evil?  I don't recall that being
part of the public discourse.

Keep your hopes up though.  Until a MUD system can reasonably mimic how we
manage reputations in the real world, you've can be as evil as it wants to
label you.  Heck, you've got your own MUD, you could be evil incarnate
without too much trouble. ;)


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