[MUD-Dev] UO rants

Ian Macintosh ian.macintosh at issystems.co.nz
Thu Aug 24 05:16:30 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Matthew Mihaly wrote on Wednesday, 23 August 2000 11:10

> > If you're going to have a social fabric, it has to be coherent.  People
> > have been working on coherent social fabrics (moral systems) for a long
> > time.  Do you really think that you're going to do better after a few
> > days, months or years of careful consideration?
> Yes, I do. I'm quite certain of the fact that I have a better
> understanding of community in the virtual world than every major religious
> scholar in history. The same goes for most of this list. Anyway, I won't
> be so petty as to bar people with testicular cancer from paradise.
> --matt
> "He that is wounded in the testicles, or have his penis cut off, shall not
> enter into the congregation of the Lord." Deuteronomy 23:1

Hehe..  The text you quote is referring to a sanitary and purity aspect
relating to entering the Temple.  It does not refer to 'paradise'.  The
proper translation is 'damage to the testicles by crushing' which causes,
especially in those days, unsanitary side effects.  The effects of
dismemberment causes just slightly less sanitary problems.  In these days,
both can be controlled.  3500+ years ago..  Maybe just 100 years ago, I'd
call it good advice :-)

However.  Have you considered the applicable sections of the 10
commandments.  You can ignore the first 4 for virtual worlds, as they are
God <-> man relationship.  The 5th refers to parents which isn't VR
applicable either, and the 7th to adultery which has only vague VR
application.  But the breaking of the 6th, 8th, 9th and 10th are what this
whole thread is about.

6.  You shall not murder.

8.  You shall not steal.

9.  You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

10. You shall not covet your neighbor's house.  You shall not covet your
neighbor's wife, or his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or
anything that belongs to your neighbor.

I'd stick that 10 at the front, because it causes 8, which often leads to 6,
and when Raph and his buddies come investigate the ruckus, leads to large
amounts of number 9.


I think they pretty much got a handle on the what ails the human race, VR
and RL, quite some time ago <grin>



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