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Vincent Archer archer at nevrax.com
Thu Aug 24 09:48:14 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

According to Brian 'Psychochild' Green:
> The one thing that everyone seems to forget is that online games are by
> their nature social games.  The only thing that online games can offer
> that single-player games cannot is the chance to interact with other
> players.  Scores, hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of other
> players.

It often amazes me, notably when looking at people on Everquest
asking repeatedly to be able to "solo" (i.e. hunt alone). Yet, when
asked why they aren't playing "classic" CRPGs, it always boil down to
the fact that they still meet people.

> The two main methods of interaction between players are cooperation and
> competition.  Game developers tend to focus on the competition because
> it's easier.  Hate is easy to foster;  humans have been doing it for
> centuries.  Cooperation is harder, especially when you consider how
> unfamiliar our communication tools are to the masses.

Also, fostering competition appeals to loners or semi-loner types
such as above. Trying to foster competition means MORE social
interaction, and many community checks which some of these people
try to escape by coming in these virtual realities.

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