[MUD-Dev] UO rants

Ted Milker tmilker at radiks.net
Thu Aug 24 19:55:20 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

On Thu, Aug 24, 2000 at 08:58:18PM +0100, Chris Lloyd wrote:
> world. A good roleplayer might be best friends with a demon player on the
> OOC channel, but be worst enemies in game play. Then there are other who are

Reading this made me think of something.  Has any MUD ever
attempted to require that players use a different OOC name than their
MUD name?  All of the MUDs that I played, with OOC channels, would
just use the character's name when sending messages.  The reason
I bring this is up is that players who socialize in OOC channels
may become friends or it may poison their actions when they meet
up with this person in the game.  No matter how many times the
admins state that OOC is truly OOC, it's hard not to let the
things a person say affect your judgement or actions.  Perhaps if
the users, unless explicitly told in private, did not know the
character names of the people they were talking about, OOC might
become even more OOC.  Of course, there would have to be rules
against saying who people were on the channel.  Anyone else think
this could work?


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