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> How do you enable group hatred on your MUD?  Competition for limited
> resources, territory, etc, or is there more to it than that?

It depends how good role-play is. A clan of death-cultists will be opposed
to the clan of light-bringers simply because one side has tried to impose
beliefs on the other. A holy cleric is a natural enemy of a demon, because
the demon wants to spread chaos/evil/accountancy over the good people of the
world. A good roleplayer might be best friends with a demon player on the
OOC channel, but be worst enemies in game play. Then there are other who are
more neutral, make friends with everyone. There are also those who kill
everyone and everything for the sheer hell of it.

This is where the skills a person gets given helps define who they are.
Those with abilities to heal only people with an evil alignment will be
preyed upon by  those of good alignment.

Clans that are player-run are more often defined by the leader(s) of the
group. Bubba may like RPing an evil man. so he tells his followers to kill
anyone in the Boffo's clan because they are labelled as 'good'. Both sides
probably have the same sorts of moral codes and honour system (or lack of),
but the labels vary.


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