[MUD-Dev] UO rants

Dan Merillat harik at chaos.ao.net
Fri Aug 25 06:35:52 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Vincent Archer writes:
> It often amazes me, notably when looking at people on Everquest
> asking repeatedly to be able to "solo" (i.e. hunt alone). Yet, when
> asked why they aren't playing "classic" CRPGs, it always boil down to
> the fact that they still meet people.

It amazed me at first too.  Then I played for a while and got to the point
where I couldn't play solo.  I discovered exactly how hard it was to
get a group together in that game.   Basically, if you don't have a group
of friends of about the same level as you that have the same play schedule
as you, you don't play.  Thus, I don't play.  I ended up on AC where a group
of people in the same place is a "group" and gets the general benifits of a
group (All work together and share the rewards) without the specifics (I want
to follow Y.  Y agrees to allow me in his group.  What percentage of XP do I

In EQs desire to "enforce" grouping, they actually made solo play more viable.
Hence the desire of more classes to be more solo capable.


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