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Fri Aug 25 07:57:31 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

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> The identity in Quake lies primarily with the player, not 
> with the character.


> As with Chess, the pieces themselves are not the significant 
> entities.

Depends on the mod, actually. (Check out Counterstrike for Half-Life, which
has interesting aspects such as purchasing of equipment, very short
session-based play, and accumulation of money).

> In a persistent game, the character itself advances its own 
> skills.

This is a huge unexamined assumption regarding muds and other persistent
games. WHY assume that muds are or have to be character-based? 

Could not a persistent game be made with no character advancement?

[leaves all extant examples out of the discussion for the sake of argument.
;) ]

-Raph, who has been meaning to get back to this thread & now has 20 messages
to reply to.

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