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Zak Jarvis zak at voidmonster.com
Sun Apr 1 14:29:24 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

> From: Baron, Jonathan [JonathanBa at humongous.com]
> Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2001 3:01 PM

>   3. An online gaming world must offer a departure from the physical
>   one.  No, it needn't be pre-Christian medieval fantasy, the air war
>   in the 1940s, or adventures in imaginary realms of imaginary
>   galaxies.  The very extremes of our game worlds to-date may well
>   have limited our audiences.  Nonetheless, there must be a departure.

I contend that a passable abstraction of the real world where you can be
someone other than yourself is the most meaningful departure imaginable.

Also, why does an online gaming world need to differ from a single-user

I'm not sure I disagree with you, I'm just curious what your reasons for
saying that are. Or at least I'm presuming you're saying that since the
single-player version of The Sims has sold well over a million copies.

-Zak Jarvis

"Quite solemnly I told myself: "Even though I'm still undecided at
 present and appear to be an idle pleasure-seeker par excellence, this
 is no reason to doubt that perhaps soon a time will come when I'll be
 firm resolution itself and ready to take on the full harshness, the
 utter nakedness, of life just as bravely as the next fellow.""

"I was not a little proud of this monologue."
        -- Robert Walser, translation by Susan Bernofsky and Tom Whalen

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