[MUD-Dev] SOAP (was: A new MUD-standard)

Taylor taylor at taylor.org
Sun Apr 1 14:44:31 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Sat, 31 Mar 2001, Bruce wrote:

> How does all this relate to muds?  There are a lot of movements afoot
> today to open up the APIs of various pieces of software by providing a
> way to invoke them via XML-RPC or SOAP.  This is a large part of what
> Microsoft's .NET is about (and is probably more important in many ways
> than C#, the CLR, etc.).  With this type of thing, you could ideally
> offer alternative ways to access services from the mud.  How do things
> start to change when you can fairly easily offer access to in-game or
> out-of-character things from the convenience of a small desktop
> application?  Or by using that to build a bridge to offering wireless
> or browser-based services? (Without having to continually modify the
> mud server as you want to offer new interfaces to services, since the
> interfaces communicate via xml-rpc or soap.)  No really new thoughts
> here, but this isn't a topic that has been widely explored on the list
> either.  Thoughts, comments?

I think this is fantastic. I've been experimenting with the flash library
ioLib (http://www.shovemedia.com/ioLib/) these past couple of days. Aside
from a lot of useful movement functions that are sorely needed for flash,
it contains some functions that makes XML communication much easier
through flash's XML socket connection. Since director also contains
multi-user code and XML routines, this would make it easier to create
front end interfaces, either graphical or text focused muds.

I seriously doubt that you could achieve the level of interface and
interaction you get with a desktop application in these plugins, but you
do gain the ability to quickly prototype interface concepts or expose
elements of the game to the web.

Any examples of muds that have a SOAP or XML-RPC interface? Even
experimental ones?

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