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Myschyf myschyf at xrgaming.net
Sun Apr 1 18:32:29 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Saturday, March 31, 2001  "Tamzen Cannoy" wrote:

> Any one know what happened to Lum the Mad's site? I've not been able
> to connect for a couple days. It was the only gaming site I read so
> I guess I need recommendations.

We are back up.  Sorry about that.  The entire XRGaming network went
down.  We are going back to self hosting and we are up right now.
Might take a few days for the new DNS to propogate.  Here's the IP:

We are also taking donations to cover our expenses.  We hated to do it
but you guys would not believe the amount of traffic our site gets.
It costs a few hundred a month to host the site.  So we have a tip jar
courtesy of Amazon.  We turn it off once we've made our monthly
expenses and believe it or not its already full.  So thanks to those
of you who already know this and added to the jar.

A last note: we are less than happy with our new server and may move
the site again.  If we do I'll send a message to this string.

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