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> My write-up on Mera '01 will be going live tomorrow.  Many thanks to
> Scott from Worlds Apart for copies of pictures of everyone and Real
> Time Drama for keeping us from having to eat Geoffrey for lunch. :)
>   http://www.gamespy.com/articles/april01/mera/
> Any comments about my article would be appreciated.
> Tina

I just read the article and noticed:

  One example of the dangers of game addiction comes from the Korean
  MMORPG Lineage. Two men who were players met in real life after
  having a conflict with each other in the game. One of the men went
  to the meeting carrying a machete and hacked the other man to
  death. Sometimes, making a game that gets people addicted can be a
  dangerous thing.

Can I know the original source of the above incident?  I know there
are some violent incidents between Lineage players in real life, but

And I think addiction level of Lineage is as same as those of EQ or


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