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Jake Song <jake at ncinteractive.com> wrote:

> I just read the article and noticed:

> <quote> 
>  One example of the dangers of game addiction comes from the
>  Korean MMORPG Lineage. Two men who were players met in real life
>  after having a conflict with each other in the game. One of the
>  men went to the meeting carrying a machete and hacked the other
>  man to death. Sometimes, making a game that gets people addicted
>  can be a dangerous thing.
> </quote>

> Can I know the original source of the above incident?  

It came through me as a via.  While at Maxtor I worked with a fellow
by the name of Hackbin Kim, who played Lineage extensively while in
Korea.  In conversations he passed on two stories, the one above,
and aother concerning a fellow who played for five days straight
without eating (on drugs?), before dieing.

> I know there are some violent incidents between Lineage players in
> real life, but death?

I haven't attempted to verify the accuracy of eithertory.

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