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Sunday, April 01, 2001, 11:23:47 PM, Matt Mihaly
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[bunching several statements together in order to reply to them

> Well, you seemed to be arguing against the metagame.

> Nod, I understand this. But who are you trying to entertain? The
> best roleplaying I've ever seen done is done in small, hardcore
> MUSHes with essentially no coded restrictions on the players in
> terms of player knowledge and so on.

> I know you don't want characters to be controlled by AIs. I was
> making an argument to illustrate the extremeness of what you're
> talking about.

> Ok. But do you know any strongly RP-oriented players who really feel
> like they need a lot of coded restrictions stopping them from doing
> what they want with their characters?

I think you may be confusing me with someone else again... all I've
ever advocated is screening for roleplayers on RP-oriented muds.  I've
never advocated coding restrictions on player knowledge.  Now, I have
taken part in threads discussing the desirability of coded
restrictions, in which I've argued that player/character separation is
a good thing for RP, but I've repeatedly stated that I think the best
way to encourage it is by screening for players who want a strong-RP
environment, not through coded restrictions.

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