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>> I just read the article and noticed:
>> <quote> 
>>  One example of the dangers of game addiction comes from the
>>  Korean MMORPG Lineage. Two men who were players met in real life
>>  after having a conflict with each other in the game. One of the
>>  men went to the meeting carrying a machete and hacked the other
>>  man to death. Sometimes, making a game that gets people addicted
>>  can be a dangerous thing.
>> </quote>
>> Can I know the original source of the above incident?  
> It came through me as a via.  While at Maxtor I worked with a fellow
> by the name of Hackbin Kim, who played Lineage extensively while in
> Korea.  In conversations he passed on two stories, the one above,
> and aother concerning a fellow who played for five days straight
> without eating (on drugs?), before dieing.

For the second story, it's not related to Lineage.  There was an game
room owner who played online game 'Cheonnyun' (a thousand years in
English) too long and died of heart attack. He had been suffer from
heart disease before the accident though. It was on major newspapers
in Korea.

But for the first story, I never heard of that kind of story.  If it
is based on facts, it shoud be on every newspaper in Korea.

There are some bad rumors between Lineage players.  I feel very sorry
that kind of rumor was quoted by respectable people like mud-dev and
MERA and publicised by media like gamespy.com.

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